Yes, I CAN Has Sex!

Oh yes, there was sex to be had this weekend, and we damn well had it! Friday night featured a wonderful oral session in which TW had several strong orgasms. SWEET RELEASE! Saturday we got in a nice spoon and CG session but Sunday’s was the best. Sunday, TW came like a woman possessed. She was thrashing about, screaming into her pillow and, in the end, had a nice load of hot, sticky come shot on her chest. It was a nice way to get back on track.

Yesterday we discovered that LP is not as clueless as we think. We were kidding around with the kids and the topic of sex came up. LP mentioned the fact that the other day, the ceiling was squeaking.


It was all in good fun though. Plus, it grosses FM out so it’s all good!

TW is recovering from her coughing fits. Sh’s still waking herself up at night with coughing but there’s no fever or other indications of any type of illness. We think it’s allergy related as we sat outside for a good portion of last Saturday in the pollen. She still can’t blow me like she’d like to but we have other ways of getting things done. 😉

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