Oh Boy We Can Hardly Wait

Just a short year away and BAM! Think we’re getting a lot of sex now? Holy Shit we can hardly wait!

4 thoughts on “Oh Boy We Can Hardly Wait

  1. California Girl and I aren’t looking forward to the empty nest at all. We like having our kids in the house. And since we don’t mind retiring to the bedroom for awhile in the early evening, I doubt if the frequency we have sex will change much once they are gone.

  2. Yes, it was great. We did have much more sex, and then our oldest moved back from out of state and has moved back in. For the past year it has really impacted sex. Now, anytime we get the house alone, it feels like we have to immediately rush to have sex, and sue is much more reluctant to get wild outside of the bedroom. We used to be all over the house (and outside).

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