FINALLY! Summer Has Actually Arrived.

TW’s uncle is doing much better. I visited last night on my way home from work and his eyes were open and he was responsive. They’ve delayed taking the ventilator tube until tonight or tomorrow morning. It’s all good though. The doctor said he was breathing more on his own. He’s pretty frustrated right now, trying to talk. We told him to just sit back and relax, all in due time. TW and I wanted to thank you again for your prayers and well wishes. We really appreciate it.

So today I’m sitting in my office listening to Beach Boy songs on I-Tunes. The weather around here has finally got  H O T! Which means that the clothes should start coming off the ladies soon. Most of the women in the office today are dressed in breathable fabric. I even got to see down S’s top when passing her office. She was bent over on the phone and I just couldn’t help myself. I know TW has been dressing for comfort lately and I’m definitely the beneficiary of some wonderful downblouse shots. YAY for boobies!

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