Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday….

TW and I had a bloody good time this morning, figuratively and literally. TW’s still on the rag but has been horny as hell lately. Good for me AND for her. This morning, when she reached over to find my cock nice and hard, she first had to have a lick or two, then wanted a good old fashioned fucking. Cheeky girl even brought a towel to bed after using the facilities. YES! Have I told you I love this woman?

After doing a bang up job sucking my dick, TW moved up so I could fuck her spoon style. We fucked for quite a while that way, TW having one strong orgasm after another.  I fucked her hard, fast and deep while roughly squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples. Then, TW mounted up CG style for a wild ride.

Damn was she hot for it today. She easily slid down and apologized in advance for getting me bloody. Fuck all, I sure as hell didn’t care! As she rode me, I was really working her tits hard. I squeezed them, bit them, twsited her nipples, sucked both nipples into my mouth at the same time, pulled them, and licked them. I was in heaven! TW was in a constant state of arousal, telling me how much she liked me touching her body. Well, I took that as an invitation and let my hands roam all over her sexy body. When I began to spank and knead her ass, TW exploded in orgasm.

We fucked for a good half hour or so before I had to jump in the shower and get to work. When I pulled out, I was covered in blood. Not as freaky as I thought it would be. TW followed me into the bathroom and joined me in the shower, where we fucked again, hard, fast and rough. I had her bend forward and entered her from behind. I roughly fucked her while making sure she didn’t knock herself out by bashing her head on the tiles. TW was moaning and groaning and coming like there was no tomorrow. When I slipped out, she groaned in frustration until I slipped a finger against her clit and frigged her to a couple of very strong, knee buckling, orgasms.

After calming down a bit, TW washed my cock and balls and then knelt down and took them into her mouth. What a fucking, hot slut! I was tempted to face fuck her but then decided a nice, hot, sticky load of come on her tits would be much better. So, as she sucked me, I started to jerk myself off. I had her sit back and when I finally released my load, it splattered her face and tits. TW came again as soon as the first spurt hit her. As she masturbated herself to another orgasm, I continued to jerk my come on her. TW even managed to catch a few spurts on her tongue as she wildly came on her fingers.

After that, we showered and started our day. A very nice start to the day and I had an epiphany, period sex is muy caliente!

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