Oh Boy, Is This Great!

Well, well, well, it appears TW and I will be alone tomorrow, all day, all night. Both CB and LP are outta town until Sunday night and FM is on the job. You do know what this means right? Yes, all that screaming and moaning and groaning and crying out in orgasm will be coming from our house tomorrow.


Yes, there’s gonna be plenty of MS (that would still be Monkey Sex) to be had. I’m (Mr. M-D) trying to keep my plans low key. In the past, we’ve planned these things and they haven’t worked out too well. I’m hoping to take TW up on the highway to do some flashing and then maybe to a Forest Preserve or two for some photo ops and a good old fashioned facial. I want her to walk around wearing my come on her shirt. That should make for some good photos, no? I’m thinking some nice bondage pics  (maybe some outdoors?) as well.

But, I have to be careful not to overplan. We’re old farts now: too much excitement and we’ll wind up falling asleep on the couch. 😉

4 thoughts on “Oh Boy, Is This Great!

  1. wishing you all the luck in the world.

    But, our kids just got back from 2 weeks at my brother and SIL’s. During those 2 weeks, the highlight of their absence was falling asleep on the sofa at 9 each night.
    I’m sure you’ll make better use of your time than I did.

    Hope the weekend is a good one.

  2. You lucky bastard! We have relatives for the weekend. Not only no MS, probably no S at all (although they may go to the movies…and that would be plenty of time).

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