Today’s Our Anniversary

We  hit the big 04 today. That’s right, this blog is four years old today. Damn how time flies.

The weekend was all that we had planned and more. We didn’t get out to the forest preserves, nor did I take TW up on the highway for some flashing. We did however, have some spectacular sex and, other than going out for dinner and to run an errand, we were naked all day Saturday. We can’t wait for the kids to be off on their own so we can do that every day! It just felt so right and natural to us. As for the sex, well……

We had ourselves a nice little CG and Spoon session to start our day. The main event happened after dinner when TW brought out the toys. Oh the orgasms my honey did have. TW spent most of the time cuffed. When she wasn’t cuffed she was fucking the big black dildo we have. Well, make that she was fucked by the big black dildo. The contrast of the colors when she’s riding that thing is just wonderful. Plus, it really stretches out her pussy lips. That is so fucking HOT!

TW also got a nice ass whoppin’ She was spanked with a paddle, my hands, three different kinds of floggers, all while being handcuffed. She loved every last second of it! We partied in the bedroom and in the basement, where I took some fantastic pics of me tongue fucking TW’s sexy ass. We finished off our festivities Sunday morning where I splashed TW’s face and tits with my come. Got some good pics of that as well.

Overall, it was a great weekend. We can’t wait for another one!

EDIT: Damn, I forgot to mention. I fucked a cheerleader again this weekend. TW found this skirt…


at a garage sale recently. What a slut! She does look damn good in it though and while I fucked her with that big black cock, I let her know that she would be the Belle of the Ball in any locker room around the country. She came pretty fucking hard when I told her that.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Our Anniversary

  1. FC: Wait, what? You have sunshine? You lucky bastard! It’s July and we’re stuck in the mid to upper 60’s. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Lordy!!! I missed your anniversary-Sorry about that, we were away all weekend enjoying the much-needed sunshine.

    Many congratulations on your blogaversary. Hoping for many more!

  3. Happy anniversary !!! We included you in our friends area on Flickr. please enjoy our pics. Take care T & K

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