A Dark Day Indeed

Don’t panic, everything is okay health wise in the M-D household.

No, it’s a sad, dark day indeed in my work a day world. The HOT Euro chicks from the 5th floor in our building are moving out tomorrow. NOBODY TOLD ME!

No more sneak peeks down their tops in the morning, no more guessing thong or no thong, no more guessing natural or bald or landing strip, no more picturing my come splashed across their faces, tits and clothes, no more fantasies about being stuck in an elevator with five or six of them for ten hours with nothing to do but have sex.

Damn it, I have no reason to come into work anymore. 😥

Oh wait, there’s still S, EB, P, G, G-II and other assorted ladies at my office I can still fuck crush on.EB has been especially hot to trot lately.

Okay, I feel better now. Never mind.

Damn, It’s A Fucking Bitch Getting Old(er)

Hidee Ho Gentle Readers,

TW and I have been mostly inactive sexually lately due to old age. Both of us are suffering various aches and pains that are preventing us from thoroughly enjoying sex. Add to that our crazy ass, busier than normal, summer schedule and we’re just too pooped to pop. It sucks! BIG TIME!

But, we’re gonna go with the old, “We’re saving our energy for a huge blowout sex session sometime in the near future”, idea. TW’s well overdue for a spanking. She’s been a very naughty girl lately and deserves to be punished for it. I mean, we took a weekend trip recently and she didn’t show one truck driver her titties. Bad TW, bad, bad, bad. I got to see them and I got to play with her pussy too but Mr. M-D is not happy if she’s not flashing her sexy titties to others. We just have to wait until all three kids are clear of the house. Then, I’ll take her in the basement, tie her up to the weight bench and punish her correctly.

Let’s just hope we don’t both fall asleep and have the kids discover us naked on the weight bench. Embarrassing for them I’m sure. 😉

Pussy, Pussy, PUSSY!

It’s been sexually quiet in the M-D household lately. We had company stay with us for a week so TW and I were keeping it low key until they left on Sunday. Unfortunately, real life reared it’s ugly head and we weren’t able to get any action in until last night and early this morning.

Between TW’s uncle, work issues, life issues and other sundry issues that have arose, we really haven’t had the oomph to get it on. We’ve got in the stray oral session every now and then but that’s been about it. Last night was the same, with me eating TW to a couple of orgasms before we hit the sack. This morning, however, was another story.

Oh sure, it started out with me eating TW’s delicious cunt, but then we had a rousing spoon session. That was followed by a tit sucking, nipple biting,  CG session and we finished up with a rousing 69 session that left TW gasping for air.  We also got in some clit rubbing, tit sucking orgasms as well.  I didn’t come but TW had me close to the edge several times. It was a great way to start the day.

We definitely need more of these types of sessions.