A Dark Day Indeed

Don’t panic, everything is okay health wise in the M-D household.

No, it’s a sad, dark day indeed in my work a day world. The HOT Euro chicks from the 5th floor in our building are moving out tomorrow. NOBODY TOLD ME!

No more sneak peeks down their tops in the morning, no more guessing thong or no thong, no more guessing natural or bald or landing strip, no more picturing my come splashed across their faces, tits and clothes, no more fantasies about being stuck in an elevator with five or six of them for ten hours with nothing to do but have sex.

Damn it, I have no reason to come into work anymore. 😥

Oh wait, there’s still S, EB, P, G, G-II and other assorted ladies at my office I can still fuck crush on.EB has been especially hot to trot lately.

Okay, I feel better now. Never mind.

3 thoughts on “A Dark Day Indeed

  1. Nobody is hiring right now, but hopefully the economy will turn around soon and some “interesting” people will be hired art your company or one other the other ones. You never know.

    • This place is emptying out faster then my bowels after a bowl of spicy chili. I think there’s a total of maybe 5 companies left in this building. It’s kinda scary in a way.

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