From The Ashes, A Phoenix Shall Arise….

Hidee Ho Everyone,

While my brain finishes the rewiring that is required for publication, please make sure to visit the wonderful folks off to the right.  There are a lot of great reads there and, until the fires burn out in my head, the only things worth reading right now. Sorry for the delay/break.

TW and I have recommitted ourselves to outlandish, whacked out,  mother fucking, coma inducing, crazy ass, do it anywhere,  sex. It should start this weekend, if all goes as planned.

Thankfully, the firefighters in my head are doing a bang up job and we should resume normal programming soon.

Thanks again for your patience.

Have a great weekend everyone!

5 thoughts on “From The Ashes, A Phoenix Shall Arise….

  1. glad to see you around.

    Just make sure you treat TW the way she deserves to be treated…..

    have a great weekend.

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