Slow Start

We got in another nice morning session this morning. It was all spoon style as neither TW, nor I, had the oomph to make it a wild session. Plus, we have to be fairly quiet and not rock the bed as much since LP is up before us, getting ready for school. No need to hear about the raccoons in the cabinets. ;D

My back has finally loosened up so it’s not as painful to get around. TW is still dealing with back and knee issues so she’s not as spry as she has been lately. She and I firmly believe it’s a lack of exercise, (i.e. not enough sex!,) that is doing us in. We’ll get back to wild, crazy ass sex as soon as we can. Right now, it’s slow and steady.

Works for us. 😀

4 thoughts on “Slow Start

  1. Yoga, yoga, yoga! Trust me on this one 🙂 Even if it’s only a class on satellite, it will do you some good. Remember, only bend/stretch as far as is comfortable. The more often you do it, the more flexible you will become. However, if you do have back issues, it might be worth attending a class once a week under the eye of a qualified teacher who can tailor the exercises to suit your problem. Ive been going for about five months now and the practice has sorted out no end of physical problems that start to afflict the over 40s x

    • Thank you for the advice. If I get flexible enough, TW and I can have a threesome every night! She can lick my nuts while I suck myself off! Perfect! No emotional baggage to deal with!

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