Holy SHIT! What a great sex filled weekend we had! Yesterday’s afternoon delight was so intense that TW actually cried at one point. It was orgasmic, loud and full of fun.

Friday and Saturday, TW and I got in some nice, slow Spoon sessions. I thought I had killed myself Friday, moving an old TV, but, luckily, I fell down in a good position and didn’t hurt myself. I was a little sore Saturday morning but nothing like I thought. Yesterday though, yesterday was one of those absolutely fantastic sex session that only come once in a while.

LP was out with a friend and OS (Oldest son, formerly CB1 and FM) decided to head out with some friends as well. SCHWING! As soon as OS left, TW and I were headed up to the bedroom. We haven’t been alone in a while, and, despite my state of depression, we were NOT going to miss out.

By the time we reached the top of the stairs, we were both naked. I had to use the bathroom and when I got back, TW was under the covers. Can’t have that now can we? I removed the covers from her breasts and suckled them with loud sucking and lapping noises. TW’s a bit ticklish lately so she was laughing the whole time I was working her breasts. I then moved down and removed the covers with my teeth. As I moved lower, TW spread her sexy legs. I immediately dove between them and started to lick and lap at her pussy. In no time at all, TW was orgasming to her heart’s delight.

I haven’t ate her out in a while, so I spent a lot of quality time down between her legs. I licked and lapped and sucked on her clit, bringing her to one orgasm after another. She rode a tidal wave of orgasms as I worked her pussy and pinched and pulled on her nipples. My beard was soaked with her juices and my cock was rock hard, as I ground it into the bed. TW’s back was arched and her screams of pleasure bounced off the bedroom walls. We didn’t care if the neighbors hear us.

TW has been in bad need of a spanking as well, so, after her orgasms subsided, I had her mount up CG style. My cock easily slipped into her juicy pussy. As TW stroked my cock with her cunt, my hands were busy making her ass hot and red. I really gave her a good spanking which she thoroughly enjoyed. She was moaning and sobbing and coming like the horny bitch she is. When I grabbed her p0ny tail and pulled her head back, TW exploded in orgasm, gushing her juices all over my cock and balls. When I told her how hot it felt to have her gush on my cock, TW came violently, almost thrashing herself off my cock. Pony tails come in handy for that though and I was able to keep her on my dick.

When TW was sufficiently calmed down, I started to suck on her tits. She loves it when I suck on her tits and she began to ride that tidal wave of orgasms again. When she sat straight down on my cock, I grabbed two handfuls of tit and pumped her hard and fast. I think she actually passed out briefly at one point. I had to hold her steady by holding on to her tits and keeping her from falling forward.

TW finally rolled off me and on to her back. She grabbed my hand and guided it down to her pussy. It was hot and very wet. I knew what she wanted so I latched onto the tit closest to me and began to diddle her clit. TW just absolutely went bonkers. Her body went rigid, her head was arched backwards and her mouth was open as she screamed out her orgasms. I worked her tits and clit as she came on my hand. She finally had to push me away. She buried her head on my shoulder and sobbed.

“I think you killed me.” She whispered. “But, I need some more, just a little more.”

TW turned her back to me and I easily slid into her pussy. The ride started all over again. The little bit turned into a pussy pounding, tit twisting, balls deep fuck. TW had several very intense orgasms again as I pounded her cunt. We fucked Spoon style and then with her on her back and me pumping my cock into her from the side. She really let loose as she came again and again. At one point, I pushed the leg closest to me up to her chest and just pounded away. She screamed the last of her orgasms into her pillow.

What a way to end the weekend!

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