PSA – Acronyms Are Us

Thought I’d update the acronyms for new/forgetful readers:

TH – Me or The Husband if TW is posting

TW –  The Wife

OS – Oldest Son

CB – College Boy, younger son

LP – Little Princess, our daughter

X, Y, Z – TW’s sisters from oldest (X) to youngest (Z)

S, E, G, P, L, S1 – Co-workers of mine aka Fuck Crushes

LZ, LK, DAG – Old girlfriends/crushes

SIL(s) Sister In Law(s)

SILTS Sister In Law Tech Support (always free even if I don’t want it to be)

FT FuckTards – Fucking retarded people NOT the mentally challenged/differently-abled/”special” people.

“Dreamer, You Know You Are A Dreamer…”

With my sincere apologies to Supertramp (the band, not my wife, bada bum bum, I got a million of them. I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your wait staff.)

If you’ve been reading my other blog, and most of you haven’t by the looks of the stats, you know that I’ve finally given up the SILs as lust objects. I just don’t have the will power/strength/gumption/interest to keep the blood flowing, so to say. The fact that they annoy me so much lately has a lot to do with it, plus, I really don’t give a shit anymore. I’m also working on the co-workers as well. I have my days where I’d love to fuck them, but mostly now, it’s more of an “eh” feeling. The fact that they appear to be getting more stupid (or maybe it’s lazy) is weighing heavily into the decision too. YIKES, I can’t believe people forget the simplest things, even after I’ve just told them what to do!

So, where does that leave me? In a vast wasteland of broken dreams and fantasies. I look around the the wreckage stretches for miles. Over there is the dream of threesomes with ex-girlfriends and classmates. Here’s my college aged fantasy of dorm fucking. Waaaaaaay over there we see what’s left of my hopes of seeing some SIL tit. Then there’s the burned out buildings that are the ghosts of swinging dreams and desires. Yes, I’m empty right now. Void of all sexual desire and fantasy. At least in real life.

I had a dream last night that left me hard and achy. In it, we were at a party and TW and I were sitting on a couch. This black guys walks up, whips out his cock to show TW, then puts it away and sits down next to her. She’s ALL OVER him and the dream ends with her holding on to his BBC and getting ready to titty fuck him. Hey, at least someone’s getting some action. 😉

P.S. My toe hurts.

Monday Morning Period Blues

TW’s period arrived over the weekend 😦

Luckily, we got in a very nice, empty house sex session on Friday. It wasn’t too acrobatic since TW’s back has been bothering her lately but she had some very nice, very strong orgasms as we fucked CG and Spoon style. We also got in a nice pussy eating session early Sunday, so, even though her period arrived, we put our time to good use. Had I not broken a toe over the weekend, I’d say we’d get in some period shower sex, but that’s gonna be hard to do. Oh well, TW can always blow me I guess. 😉 We need more come spattered shirt pics anyway. 🙂

EDIT: Damn, I almost forgot to mention it. I got to see X’s titties last night. Of course, it was in a dream, but hell, I’ll take what I can get. In fact, in the dream, she was encouraging other women in the dream to go topless as well. Nice. Too bad that won’t happen for real, E V E R.

Good Start To The Weekend

I scored myself one hell of a piece of fine, quality ass this morning. I called in late and waited patiently for my sexy lover to return to bed. I was fantasizing and stroking my cock. I don’t think she was expecting it when she walked into the bedroom.

“What are you still doing in bed? You have to go to work!”

Her attitude changed right away when she saw my first morning hardon in quite a few days.

“Oh, I see!”

She took me in her mouth while I ran my hands over her body. She quickly mounted up and off we went. TW had several strong orgasms while riding me CG style before we switched to Spoon. I fucked her silly from behind, making her come loudly. It was quite the quicky but well worth it.

I went into the bathroom to turn on the shower. When I came back into the bedroom, there was my sexy lover fingering her well lubed pussy. I went over to the bed and started to suckle on her tits. TW came immediately. I then moved her hand away from her cunt and buried my face between her legs. TW thrashed about and screamed out her orgasms as I ate her. When I stuck my thumb in her cunt, TW locked her legs around my head and screamed like a banshee. We finished up the session with her sucking my cock while she fingered herself to another orgasm.

Later on tonight, we’re gonna have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours. Oh the things we are going to do to one another. 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!

Peek-A-Boo I See You

No low cut tops for my viewing pleasure today but I have something almost as good. S is wearing a long sleeved shirt today and, miracle of all miracles, it’s semi-transparent. It’s made of some sort of fuzzy fabric that allows peek-a-boo views of her arms, torso, and, the best part, her breasts. YAY! Now, they’re not clear views by any means, but they are just tantalizing enough and the bra she’s wearing isn’t really holding her sweater puppies still, if you get my drift. The fact that I’ve had to work on her machine for most of the day AND the fact that she’s been sitting next to me for most of the work has made my day.

Free wheeling sweater puppies in a semi-transparent top are GREAT!