But The Views Were Spectacular!

Spent a very long day yesterday at work. Remodeling an office (definitely NOT in my job description) and then working on a problematic PC after hours has taken it’s toll on me. I was too tired to fuck either last night or this morning. The only good thing about the day were the views.

The office remodeling was for one of our sexier staff members. She’s quiet sexy, nothing fancy or provocative, just normal, every day sexy. Usually I’ll get a nice downblouse shot from her. Yesterday though, it was all about the ass. This young lady definitely has an ass to die for. She does a nice job of showing it off too. Yesterday, it was a tight pair of slacks that hugged her curves splendidly. The fact that she had to bend over a lot to move stuff around didn’t hurt either. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then, right before quitting time, I had to help someone with their e-mail. Again, quiet sexy was the word of the day. This woman is a fairly new hire. She’s probably our age, with kids around the same age as our kids. Anyway, as I was helping her out, I got some spectacular views down her shirt. It wasn’t very low cut but had a large enough opening that when she bent forward, I got to see most of her tits. I think she caught me looking once but she didn’t say anything. I mean, I got to see almost three quarters of her sexy boobs. Damn that was hot, mostly because it was unintentional.

Hopefully, TW and I will have some energy this weekend to fuck ourselves silly. It should be fairly quiet around the M-D household, but one never knows. Maybe she and I should head out to the forest preserves. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

3 thoughts on “But The Views Were Spectacular!

  1. MCB: No, that all happened on Thursday night. I don’t do late Fridays unless I’m doing a project. Even then, it’s rare I stay late on a Friday. Weekend was great! See today’s (Monday 9/14) post.

    Alfie: Tell me about it! I really had to control myself and not motor boat her. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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