Wild Weekend Sex

TW and I certainly had a great weekend of sex. Friday night and Saturday morning were fun, Fun, FUN! Saturday morning’s session was by far the best of the bunch. I slept in and TW came and woke me up the right way. I heard her giggle a bit before she headed to bed. When she got there, I asked her what was so funny. She beamed as she showed me the pig tails (/handles) she had put in her hair.

To quote Flounder, from Animal House Oh boy, is this great!

We quickly got down to business and fucked our brains out. There was CG, RCG, 69, Spoon, Spanking, and we finished up with a rousing session of Doggy Style with me hanging on to TW’s pig tails. HOLY FUCK was that hot! In fact, it was so hot that TW soon had to kneel down and swallow a very large, double load of come. Like the come slut she is, she swallowed it all and didn’t miss a drop. The thing that set me off was watching her, watch herself in the mirrored head board. Using the pig tails I was able to direct her view to the mirrors and when TW saw how horny she was, she began to rock those sexy hips of her’s up and down and all around. I couldn’t last through that!

Sunday wound up being a day of rest as we attended a block party Saturday night and drank ourselves silly. It was nice being able to sit down and relax for a change, not having to worry about little ones running around. All TW and I do is sit around with big ass smiles on our faces as we watch the younger parents try to control their sugar filled kiddies. Yes, it was a very smart idea to have our kids young. 🙂

One thought on “Wild Weekend Sex

  1. Oh that “mirrored headboard” takes me back. What a turn-on they are! We had one when I first started taking soft-porn pics. (Maybe that’s WHY I started taking soft-porn pics.) Great post, as always, you lucky blighter!

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