Shave And A Haircut, Two Bits

TW got her hair cut yesterday. She’s been freaking out (FOR NO GOOD REASON) about it ever since. The girl took about 6 inches off but she still looks hot and I can still make handles out of it while we’re fucking. Trust me, we tried it last night. šŸ˜‰

Speaking of sex last night, it was a semi-wild session (LP had just headed off to bed). We got in some quality kissing time, followed closely by some finger play, tit sucking, spoon, 69 and finally some great CG, which allowed me to suckle on TW’s sexy, bouncing titties. YUM! Unfortunately, we both slept through the alarm today and missed out on continuing our session this morning. I could really have used some pussy for breakfast. Oh well, guess it’ll be a late night, after dinner treat.

2 thoughts on “Shave And A Haircut, Two Bits

  1. MCB: Yeah, she’s actually liking it now. After we make love, she has that “wild woman” look to her: heavy breathing, messed up hair, flushed skin. She liking it more and more.

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