Third Time’s A Charm

WOW! What a welcome  home! TW was dressed in a maid’s outfit when I arrived home. Since we were home alone, TW and I quickly headed up to the bedroom where I stripped down and ordered TW onto the bed.

I had her get on all fours and face the mirrored headboard so she could watch me spank her. I really gave it to her, making her ass hot to the touch and nice and red in color. After making my hands numb, I switched to the flogger. TW had this nasty habit of sitting up while I was flogging her so I had to keep correcting her and asking her who told her to get up?

After sufficient ass reddening, I had her re-enact her shower play from this afternoon. I watched TW as she got on her back and begin to tease and play with her pussy. I moved onto the bed just as she was reaching her orgasms and drove my cock into her cunt. TW came violently as I pushed my cock deeper into her pussy. When I took a nipple into my mouth, TW almost bucked me off her. I quickly regained my balance and fucked her to a few more strong orgasms.

We then switched to CG. TW mounted up but when she went to drop down on my cock, it slipped forward and TW was treated to a very powerful orgasm via her clit. She was like a woman possessed, rubbing her cunt along my shaft, making sure to hit her clit with the head. Her orgasms were wild and loud (no kids at home, thank you practice!) and I enjoyed some more breast play.

TW then got off and moved into Spoon position. I pounded my honey hard and fast from behind, calling her all kinds of nasty names and pulling on her hair. TW’s response? GIANT, screaming orgasms. Oh, and that damned hip shimmy of her’s. She got me to come for the third time today! And, in only two sessions! This morning’s double orgasms were completed by another come shot down TW’s throat tonight. As she was sucking my come down her throat, she quickly got into 69 and I got her off a couple more time.

Most excellent!

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