Good Start To The Weekend

I scored myself one hell of a piece of fine, quality ass this morning. I called in late and waited patiently for my sexy lover to return to bed. I was fantasizing and stroking my cock. I don’t think she was expecting it when she walked into the bedroom.

“What are you still doing in bed? You have to go to work!”

Her attitude changed right away when she saw my first morning hardon in quite a few days.

“Oh, I see!”

She took me in her mouth while I ran my hands over her body. She quickly mounted up and off we went. TW had several strong orgasms while riding me CG style before we switched to Spoon. I fucked her silly from behind, making her come loudly. It was quite the quicky but well worth it.

I went into the bathroom to turn on the shower. When I came back into the bedroom, there was my sexy lover fingering her well lubed pussy. I went over to the bed and started to suckle on her tits. TW came immediately. I then moved her hand away from her cunt and buried my face between her legs. TW thrashed about and screamed out her orgasms as I ate her. When I stuck my thumb in her cunt, TW locked her legs around my head and screamed like a banshee. We finished up the session with her sucking my cock while she fingered herself to another orgasm.

Later on tonight, we’re gonna have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours. Oh the things we are going to do to one another. 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!

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