Monday Morning Period Blues

TW’s period arrived over the weekend 😦

Luckily, we got in a very nice, empty house sex session on Friday. It wasn’t too acrobatic since TW’s back has been bothering her lately but she had some very nice, very strong orgasms as we fucked CG and Spoon style. We also got in a nice pussy eating session early Sunday, so, even though her period arrived, we put our time to good use. Had I not broken a toe over the weekend, I’d say we’d get in some period shower sex, but that’s gonna be hard to do. Oh well, TW can always blow me I guess. 😉 We need more come spattered shirt pics anyway. 🙂

EDIT: Damn, I almost forgot to mention it. I got to see X’s titties last night. Of course, it was in a dream, but hell, I’ll take what I can get. In fact, in the dream, she was encouraging other women in the dream to go topless as well. Nice. Too bad that won’t happen for real, E V E R.

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