PSA – Acronyms Are Us

Thought I’d update the acronyms for new/forgetful readers:

TH – Me or The Husband if TW is posting

TW –  The Wife

OS – Oldest Son

CB – College Boy, younger son

LP – Little Princess, our daughter

X, Y, Z – TW’s sisters from oldest (X) to youngest (Z)

S, E, G, P, L, S1 – Co-workers of mine aka Fuck Crushes

LZ, LK, DAG – Old girlfriends/crushes

SIL(s) Sister In Law(s)

SILTS Sister In Law Tech Support (always free even if I don’t want it to be)

FT FuckTards – Fucking retarded people NOT the mentally challenged/differently-abled/”special” people.

3 thoughts on “PSA – Acronyms Are Us

  1. Thanks for the acronym list, I’m a new reader. FYI my blog is Secret Story Time, come on over and visit when you want to!

    I like your blog, I’m gonna be a regular!


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