But, THIS IS Totally, Awesomely Sweet!

There’s nothing like getting a surprise, scream  your lungs out, spank my ass, make me come in your mouth sex session in while the house is empty. That’s exactly what happened last night. LP decided to go out with a friend, leaving TW and I home alone. SWEET! After making sure she was truly gone, TW headed up to the bedroom, while I shut the TV off.

When I got to the bedroom, TW was in the closet with the door closed.

What are you doing in there?” I asked.

Getting something special on.” TW replied.

I quickly stripped naked and got on the bed. I was playing with my cock when TW came out of the closet (I’ve always wished she was bi, 😉 ) TW was wearing a white, button down blouse and a blue skirt.

What’s this?” I asked, as she began to sing a song about the red, white and blue.

Oh, I’m just feeling patriotic.” She whispered as she got on top of me. Below the dark blue skirt was a pair of very red panties. “See, I’m the red, white and blue,” she teased as she pointed out the colors.

She was rubbing her panty covered cunt over my cock, which hardened up quite nicely. I began to unbutton her shirt, which she quickly shed, and I began to fondle her breasts through her bra.

I feel so damn sexy when I wear this bra.

It’s a new bra and cups her breasts quite nicely. It has some push-up quality to it as well and she sports some awesome cleavage when she’s wearing it. She then began to work on removing her skirt and then her panties. It got a little silly at this point since she was having a hard time removing her panties. She was trying to do it as sexy as possible but they kept getting hung up on my cock and she couldn’t remove them smoothly. After a good a laugh, she finally gave up and stood up to remove them.

We then got down to business. TW started off sucking my cock before she mounted up CG style. I began to lightly spank her ass while driving my cock deeply into her pussy. TW started to come wildly, arching her back and moaning out her orgasms. I worked her breasts, pinching and twisting on her nipples before sucking them into my mouth. Each time my lips or tongue touched her breasts, I could feel her pussy get warmer.

We fucked CG style for a bit before TW moved into Spoon position. I easily slid into TW’s well lubed pussy and began to slowly stroke in and out. I built up a nice rhythm and was enjoying her pussy when I ran into trouble. It always starts with the blueberries, no, wait, that’s from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. No, it always starts when I grab a fistful of TW’s hair. It sets us both off. I don’t know if it’s a feeling of animalistic power, or the fact that TW’s pussy gets hot and slippery but, whatever it is, I cannot control myself. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking there’s several loads of come, most of them NOT mine,  in that hot, juicy, slippery pussy.

I quickly pulled out and TW dove for my cock. I spurted a nice sized load down her throat and TW mewled and moaned while swallowing my come. Surprisingly, neither one of us was tired after that and we proceeded with out night. In fact, we stayed up later than usual. Hmm…..

This morning I called in late since I’m doing after hours server work. Naturally, this allowed TW and I free reign again since LP was on her way to school and OS was pulling a double at work.

As soon as TW got back to the bedroom, she stripped naked and hopped into bed. We began by kissing each other, hot and heavy. This never fails to give me a hardon and TW swears her pussy begins to tick each time I lay my lips on her’s. After gently kissing each of TW’s lovely breasts, she mounted up CG style. Much like the night before, TW was able to moan and scream out her orgasms to her heart’s delight. If the neighbor’s hear it, too fucking bad. If they were getting any, like we get it, they wouldn’t care anyway.

TW got a lite spanking this morning. Just enough to make her feel it but not enough to make her ass red and hot. Of course, it might have been because as I slapped her ass, I was grabbing handfuls of her cheeks. I love grabbing her ass, whether she’s wearing close or not. There’s just something so right about her cheeks filling my hands. Almost makes my palms itch, kind of like when I think about playing with her titties.

We then switched to Spoon style and TW got a good rutting from behind. Since it was my morning hardon (trademark pending) I never had the urge to unload in her cunt. I was really able to pound her from behind and her orgasms were frequent and strong. We finished up cuddled next to one another before I headed off to the shower and into work.


THAT Would Be Awesomely Sweet!

Part of the frustration of our not having any friends is that it indirectly affects our sex lives.

I would really like to share TW with a close friend or two, or, another couple that we would be friends with.  Since we don’t have that option we had turned to swinging at one point, but, after numerous failures on that front, we’ve pretty much given up hope.

The swinging experiment looked promising to begin with. We did meet a couple with similar interests but they wanted to move much too quickly. TW and I were definitely looking more at the friendship part (since we heard how deeply the bonds of friendship were between swingers) with the sex being a most awesome complement. Unfortunately, after one public meeting, they moved away. Other than that, we got loads of people who evidently couldn’t read our ad if their lives depended on it. We got plenty of single guys and couples who were looking for a quick score. It got very frustrating to say the least, so, we gave up.

Now, I’ve (Mr. M-D) have had a friend since high school that I would love to see TW fuck and suck. We tried to get her to fuck the two of us a long time ago, but she wasn’t ready (like she is these days) and I certainly wasn’t going to push it. This friend was actually our original threesome partner, many moons (he and I had graduated H.S. TW was still a senior) ago. We didn’t fuck, but TW sucked both of us off one night, and we fingered and ate her out. I can still remember it clearly, especially the part where I sucked his cock for a while.

I don’t know how many times I offered TW up (with her permission) he always put it off. He said he found it “intriguing” but never pulled the trigger. Now, it’s not like he wasn’t interested, he was. I just don’t get it. I’ve had other friends I wouldn’t mind her fucking as well, but, I’ve never broached the subject with her. That actually worked out for the best because all of them drifted away from us no matter how hard we tried to keep in touch.

Which brings me to my very heavily lusted after idea/situation/dream. I really wouldn’t mind being involved with a group of friends who shared spouses/SO’s. I know, I know, keep dreaming. Things like that don’t exist do they? Anyway, it would be nice to have friends, who truly love you, that you could call over to help out with the wife or husband. It would be great to be able to get together for naked fun and regular fun as well. Hell, depending on the number of couples, orgies are not out of the question either.

The other thing that would be cool about it? TW and I would have someone we could talk to about our sex lives, what we like/dislike in bed, who we’re hot for, etc. We have no outlet for that other than the blog, and that’s no substitute for face to face interaction. I mean, TW was left alone after I headed off to work this morning. I’m sure it would have been fun for her to talk to someone about the awesome orgasms she had last night. It would be nice for someone else to experience the thrill of coming on TW’s tits and face, or watching her come on their cock or fingers or tongue. It would be even nicer to tell our friends about it, not to brag, but just to share common experiences.

Oh well, I’ve always been a dreamer. Unfortunately, most of my dreams have either turned into nightmares or are slowly but surely fading away.

It sure would be awesomely sweet!

Damn It! I Made Her Cry Again

Of course, the tears were tears of joy and emotional release. Last night was all about TW and her delicious pussy.

After cuddling in bed for a bit, TW offered up her pussy for my pleasure. Pleasure it was! I lapped and licked and nibbled and bit her pussy and clit. TW’s orgasms were almost continuous. Her pussy soaked my face and goatee while her tongue worked it’s magic on my cock and balls. She really couldn’t suck me all that well, she was coming way too much. She told me she was afraid she was going to bite my cock off if she continued to suck me. Her orgasms were quite intense.

I probably ate her for a good 15-20 minutes. Not our longest oral session, but definitely one of our better ones. When I finally pulled myself away from her tasty cunt, TW was sobbing uncontrollably. YES! My work here is done.  We cuddled up again and drifted off to sleep. Nothing this morning as we both enjoyed my hitting the snooze button repeatedly. 😉

There’s always tonight!

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot. Now, in addition to my back pain (although that is on it’s way out) it appears I aggravated my broken toe this morning. I was toweling off after showering and moved the toe a bit too much. It hurt on the way in but seems to have calmed down a bit. I hate broken toes, they never heal right. Worse? It’s the baby toe. DAMN IT!

Today, It’s Just The Agony

Well, I’m down to just the agony today. Last night, TW and I were in bed early and too tired to fuck around. This morning, we both slept through the several alarm snooze button hits, so nothing this morning either. That’s okay though, we’ll just keep storing up energy until we have a blow out session. My back and neck are still giving me grief. It feels worse today, after the drive in, than it did yesterday. I’m slowly trying to stretch the neck and back muscles out so it will eventually loosen up. I don’t think I’m getting sick with the flu. This feels more like a muscle strain. Just gotta keep working it.

The Agony & The Ecstasy

I’m in a lot of pain today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t due to acrobatic monkey sex. No, somewhere, somehow I’ve managed to tweak my neck and upper back on the right side. It’s okay though, TW used Mr. Hitachi on me (for medicinal purposes only, until I’m better then it’ll be all sex Mr. Hitachi) and loosened it up a bit this morning. In fact, she loosened it up to the point where I was able to fuck her Spoon style without it bothering me too much. TW had several nice, strong orgasms, especially when I was tugging on her hair. Hopefully, things will loosen up enough that I can get between her thighs and eat her up, yum.

If not, she’ll just have to sit on my face.