There’s A Storm Brewing….

TW and I had a pretty good weekend. We got to watch CB play a couple of games on Sunday and then I took a day off yesterday to recover from the long drive to and from where he goes to school. We had an awesome sex session yesterday morning. Oh the orgasms my sweet, sexy honey had. It was very wild and very acrobatic.

We started off Spoon style and I fucked my honey silly. We then switched to CG style, where TW could feed me her tits and I could spank that sexy ass of her’s. We finished up going Spoon again until I was just about to come. TW then flipped herself so she could drop her pussy on my face and we 69’d and came together. We fucked for about an hour or so and then I went back to sleep. I called in to use a vacation day and slept until about 1:00 P.M.

I’ve got the day off tomorrow and the house is gonna be empty ‘cept for me and my baby. If you hear loud screaming, wherever you live, that’ll be TW coming on my cock, my fingers and my face. Oh yeah, we are SO READY for it!

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