That Screaming Yesterday? Yeah, That Was Pain.

TW spent a good part of yesterday in pain. Real, agonizing, can’t move kind of pain. She wrenched her back Tuesday night and paid for it yesterday. We did get in a nice morning session that was mostly spoon, since that was most comfortable for her. After we got back from a late breakfast, we headed back to bed.

I gave my honey a nice, muscle relaxing, massage to start with. I really wasn’t looking for any type of wild and crazy sex, but guess what? We got in a pretty wild session.  It started off slowly enough, just a nice, easy Spoon session. TW then grimaced her way on top of me and rode me CG style. Luckily, her back started to loosen up due to the massage and the orgasms. Pretty soon, my honey was riding me wildly as she came loud and proud. I was sucking on her tits and grabbing her ass as she came on my dick.

Soon, she wanted some face time. She had me scoot down and promptly laid her pussy on my face. Oh the wild and crazy orgasms my honey did have while riding my tongue. It’s a good thing no one was home because I’m pretty damn sure the cabinets were rocking AND rolling. TW was leaning forward using the headboard for support as she came on my face. She was screaming out her orgasms and humping my face wildly as she came. I was holding on to her tits and playing with her nipples as her pussy gushed in my beard. We finished up the session by rolling back into Spoon and I pounded her deep and fast. I didn’t come. I was saving it for a nice, large facial, but, alas, we were too tired to fuck last night.

This morning, I called in late and we had another nice session. TW came back to bed after seeing LP off to school. She sucked my dick a bit, then mounted up CG style. She rode me to a few orgasms before we switched to Spoon. I once again pounded her cunt mercilessly imagining TW servicing several men. I didn’t feel the need to come, so we stopped so I could give TW her birthday presents.

I got her some nice sparkly things she can wear on her nipples. She’s not pierced so I got her blue nipple huggers and  two sets of clip on nipple jewelry: red hearts and three faux diamonds. She also got a new fangled vibrator called the “We Vibrator” which we can use while I fuck her. I think I’m gonna have to wear a condom though, I can’t imagine lasting more than three or four seconds with the vibrations. Oh, almost forgot, she got a ball gag as well. No more improvising with the doo rags. 😉

After I showered, TW met me in the bathroom. She was trying on the new nipple jewelry and telling me how her pussy was ticking in excitement. She then tried on a semi-transparent shirt and I must say, the nipple rings look delightful through the shirt. As I got dressed, TW got on the bed and spread her legs. Mmm, pussy for breakfast! I quickly got down between her thighs and licked and lapped her sloppy pussy to several very strong orgasms. We finished up the session with a few more strong orgasms courtesy of the rabbit I bought her for Christmas. Damn did she have some very strong orgasms. We finished just before OS got home.

You can bet I’ll have a smile on my face all day.

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