“To sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there’s the rub.”

I’ve (Mr. M-D) been having some highly erotic dreams lately. Several have involved a woman at work, E. In the dreams we kiss, nothing more. For some reason, this leaves me with a raging hard on when I wake up. Both of us are fully clothed in the dream and nothing more happens. Guess I’m just jonesing to erotically kiss someone other than TW.

My other dream involves TW, her sister Z and TW’s friend. This dream involves full blown, hot, naked, sweaty sex for everyone concerned. There’s plenty of no guilt, no hesitation, bi-sexual fun going on. The best portion of the dream has TW on her back, her sister Z licking her pussy and TW’s friend being eaten out by TW. I’m fucking Z from behind and then we switch places. We keep switching places until I finally unload my come on their faces and tits. They then share my come with one another. In another version of the dream, TW’s friend’s husband is in on the fun as well. And yes, I suck his cock in my dream. Sexy!

Mind blowing and, needless to say, cock stiffening. The weird thing is this dream has happened more than once, only with different background situations. Too bad it’ll never happen, at least with that combination. It would be awe inspiring to say the least!

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