Quickie Start To The Morning

TW and I got in a nice, quick Spoon session this morning. We had to keep it fairly quiet as LP was awake. Still, it was a very nice way to start the day. TW’s certainly in a good mood and so am I. Damn, I LOVE that woman!

As I posted earlier, TW got a new vibe for her birthday this week. I must say, shopping for it was surreal (at least for me.) I was waited on by a very nice young lady. She showed me several vibes, explaining how they worked, etc. I already knew most of the info but, I was having such a good time talking to someone who genuinely enjoyed her job, that I just let her explain away. I asked a couple of questions and then decided on the We Vibe. It came personally recommended by the saleswoman. She said it’s her SO’s favorite toy in bed. SOLD!

HERE’S a review from Babeland.

The most surreal part of all this though was the two girls, being waited on by a guy, talking about the vibrator one was purchasing. The one young lady said she was willing to “work up to it.” I was too shy (i.e. didn’t want to look like a stalker/dirty old man) to see what she was buying, but it was stimulating as hell. The best part? It just seemed so natural. They were comfortable talking with their salesperson as I was with mine.

It totally blew my mind!

One thought on “Quickie Start To The Morning

  1. M-D,
    Nice gift.
    For that kind of price, there better be some good stories to go along with it.

    Have a great weekend, and looking forward to more updates.


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