All’s Quiet On The Western Front…

And all other fronts now that you mention it. Yes, it’s the proverbial calm before the storm. OS is at work and LP will be heading out of town later on today with her team. That will leave TW and I ALONE. So, we’ve been saving up our energy for a blowout sex session later on today. If you feel the earth move and hear lots of screaming, that will be us, fucking our brains out this evening. Also, if you think you see lightning in a clear sky, that will be us taking photos. We’re a bit overdue on new pics so we’ll try to get some tonight, if possible. You know, with old age creeping up on us, we’re getting quite forgetful. Where do I live again? Shit!

While perusing the stats today, I followed a search link that directed folks to our site. I think the search term was, “How often to married people over forty have sex.” Something like that. Well, if they read our blog, they’ll be mislead. TW and I know we’re damn lucky to be married to one another. Both our sex drives are in high gear these days, so we’d be the exception, rather than the norm. Hope that doesn’t skew their results if they’re doing a report. We have been known to screw up the curve, that’s for sure!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

One thought on “All’s Quiet On The Western Front…

  1. Search stats are always interesting because many/most people don’t use quotes to limit their search for phrases so they often end visiting sites that don’t quite have the content that they are looking for and, as a result, leave some interesting terms in the search statistics.

    Have a great weekend youreself.

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