Gagged And Flogged


I’ll say it again, HOLY SHIT!

What a fantastic Friday TW and I did have. Left home alone, we used our time wisely. I left work early and TW and I went out and enjoyed a quick dinner. Nothing fancy, just some hot dogs and fries. When we got back home, we took a nice two hour nap (hey, us old farts need our rest!)

Refreshed from our nap, TW and I headed down to the dungeon, err, I mean basement. TW brought several changes of clothes, since we were gonna take pics, and some play toys. She wound up only wearing one outfit. It was a very nice outfit though.

We got to try out her new ball gag as well. I had TW strung up on our weight rack, blindfolded, ball gagged and at my mercy. I teased her and took plenty of photos. I slowly undressed her and took some time to flog her as well. Every time the flogger hit, my sexy honey would moan. When I finally dipped a finger into her soaked panties, TW started to come. I quickly removed my finger and made her suffer a bit. I then let her come on my face as I ate her cunt.

After untying her, we moved over to the couch. TW got to use her rabbit and the new WE Vibe as she pleasured herself, sucked my cock a bit and I took photos. Strong orgasms were the order of the day and TW had several more on the couch.

We took a rest to refuel and then took some more pics (autumn themed). While we were taking the pics, TW offered up her cunt for my oral pleasures. I immediately put the camera down and dove between her legs. We were on the weight bench, in the power rack, so I decided to fuck her on the bench. I slid my cock up and over her clit, making TW moan in pleasure. When I sank my dick, balls deep, into her cunt, TW came like a woman possessed. She almost pushed me off her at one point. I had her legs over my shoulders and my hands working her titties when she came and pushed me backward with her sexy legs. WOW, what a rush! I quickly regained the upper hand and fucked her silly. I massaged her big tits and pinched and twisted and pulled on her nips, both with my hands and my teeth.

It was getting to the point where I had to come, so we cleaned up and headed for the bedroom. TW’s older sister, X, had recently given her a tube top. It barely fit TW, I don’t know how the hell it fit X’s big ass titties. Maybe that’s why she was giving it away. Anyway, TW put it on and assumed her favorite position, kneeling in front of me, mouth open, waiting to receive my cock. I had her put her hands behind her head (like she was being arrested) and proceeded to jerk myself off. Every once in a while, I’d fuck her face. She was gagging a bit, so I didn’t drive as deeply as I would have liked. Still, it felt great to have her lips and tongue servicing my dick.

It was hard concentrating on the matter at hand, since I was taking pictures and TW kept telling me I better not be thinking of her sister X’s boobs in the top. Trust me, I wasn’t! It was all TW, down on her knees in the forest, a group of ten guys surrounding her, stroking their cocks until they finally all came on her at the same time. Naturally, this was the point where I blew a HUGE load all over her tits and down into her cleavage. I got some awesome pictures as well of her come covered top and the pool of my come in her cleavage. VERY HOT!

It was then time for bed. Saturday morning, before OS arrived home from work, TW and I had another very nice orgasmic session. TW came on my cock several times as we fucked Spoon style and CG style as well. By the time Saturday night arrived, we were both pretty wore out so no sex for us. Yesterday we had company over pretty much all day so no fun either, but Friday night and Saturday morning certainly made up for it!

Hopefully, we’ll get some in tonight. TW’s period is due any day now so we have to get what we can in before we have to switch to shower sex.

6 thoughts on “Gagged And Flogged

  1. This sounds like a great Friday night. We like having our kids around; but it is nice to have the house to ourselves on occasion.

    P.S. What do you do with the stuff in the basement when the kids are home?

    • The stuff in the basement is mostly workout equipment. We have a power rack (nice for bondage shoots/flogging), benches, heavy bag that kind of stuff. Any and all sex toys go back up to the bedroom.

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