Last Night. Talkin’ ‘Bout Last Night…

Well, Monday night’s miss was Tuesday night’s hit. As in, I hit it pretty damn good. TW got all she wanted and more after coming to bed last night. I headed up early because I was tired but didn’t fall asleep. When TW got to bed, she was greeted by a half hard cock which she quickly raised to full staff with her lips and tongue.

She then mounted up CG style and I got to suck on her sexy, though ticklish, titties. TW humped me to several orgasms before rolling off to the side. I quickly got behind her and easily slid my cock into her wet pussy. TW enjoyed several strong orgasms as we fucked. We sort of forgot that OS was still up (LP was already in bed) so he was treated (or is that horrified) to what I’m sure were rocking cabinet doors and a very squeaky ceiling. Too bad, so sad.

While I was busy fucking TW silly, my mind wandered over to her sister, X. TW should never have planted that seed in my mind about the tube top and her sister X. Last night, I was fucking X’s big titties underneath that tube top. Luckily, that vision didn’t last too long and I got back to fucking TW out in the woods, bent over a picnic table and in my office, bent over my desk. When I pulled her hair, TW’s pussy gushed all over my dick and she almost screamed out her orgasms. She kept moaning, “No, no, no, no, noooooo, of fucking yes. FUCK ME! It feels so fucking good!” over and over again as I pummeled her cunt with my cock.Tugging on her hair is a major turn on for both of us.

Remarkably, I was able hold off and not come during the session. Should TW get her period today, we’re scheduled for some hot shower sex tomorrow morning. I’m going in late, and OS and LP will be gone. I’m saving a nice big load for my honey’s face and tits. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get some more pics.

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