Today, It’s Just The Agony

Well, I’m down to just the agony today. Last night, TW and I were in bed early and too tired to fuck around. This morning, we both slept through the several alarm snooze button hits, so nothing this morning either. That’s okay though, we’ll just keep storing up energy until we have a blow out session. My back and neck are still giving me grief. It feels worse today, after the drive in, than it did yesterday. I’m slowly trying to stretch the neck and back muscles out so it will eventually loosen up. I don’t think I’m getting sick with the flu. This feels more like a muscle strain. Just gotta keep working it.

5 thoughts on “Today, It’s Just The Agony

    • The drive varies from an hour to an hour and a half depending on the number of FT’s (Fuck Tards) on the road and the weather. Hard to work from home since I’m THE IT guy and most of my work involves visiting my users.

  1. Oh shit M-D…
    I should have warned you last week, when we were all jumping into the shower together.
    I’m just getting over the flu….It’s been an ass whoppin.
    I hope I didn’t pass it on to TW.

    hope your feeling better soon.

  2. I feel your pain. No, really I do. I have pretty much the same problems right now. Taking strong painkillers and hoping the phsiotherapist can help!

    Hope you’re soon back on top form.

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