Hot Halloween Sex Session

Well, disappointment reigned supreme at the M-D household this weekend. Oh, Halloween started off pretty spectacularly with a wild and totally animalistic sex session Halloween morning. We fucked ourselves silly, finishing up with a face fucking and cum dumping extravaganza.

After fucking Spoon, CG and 69 styles, I had TW sitting on the floor, back up against the bed as I used her mouth to bring myself off. I was giving her mouth a pretty good fucking, my left hand holding her head steady while I jerked off with my right hand. I then proceeded to spurt a very nice sized load all over her tits and face. Being the cum loving slut she is, she fingered herself to a couple of nice, strong orgasms as I dumped my load on her. She licked her lips and sucked what was left from my cock before cleaning herself off. A nice start to the day.

Unfortunately, no hot moms were to be had during trick or treating. It was mostly dads who were taking the kids. It was funny to see them walking around, beers in hand or trailing along in the cooler in the wagon. Of course, it wasn’t really warm enough to be dressed sexy, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected much.

We had another nice session Sunday morning, featuring some CG and Spoon. TW’s back has been bothering her again, most likely from raking leaves and the acrobatic, animalistic sex on Saturday, so, we took it easy. I gave her a nice massage and finished up by fingering her to a couple of very strong orgasms while I sucked her tits.

Nothing last night or this morning as I had a very unexpected mental breakdown before bed last night. I was screaming at TW and literally lost my fucking, dysfunctional mind. Neither one of us was in the mood this morning after my outburst. Hopefully, later on tonight we’ll get in a nice session.

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