I Don’t Want To Work, I Just Want To Slap My Honey’s Ass All Day

With apologies to Todd Rundgren.

This morning’s ass slapping sex session finished a 12 hour period in which TW had her pussy eaten, her mouth used as a cum dumpster, her pussy fucked, her ass slapped and her titties sucked and fondled. All in all, it’s been a fantastic 12 hours!

It started out yesterday when I got home from work. I went to change and TW followed me to the bedroom. While I was getting undressed, so was TW. When I looked up, she was stretched out on the bed, knees up, pussy exposed.

“Want some?”

For an answer, I immediately dove between her thighs and licked my way up and down her pussy. She had been playing with herself before I got home, so she was wet and delicious. I lapped and licked at her clit and pussy until she had come strongly several times. Then, it was time for dinner.

When it was time for bed, a sleepy TW and I cuddled in bed until her handiwork resulted in a throbbing hardon. She quickly assumed the Spoon position and we were off. We fucked until I had to come. I quickly pulled my cock out of her soaked pussy and she went down on me. I gave her another nice, large load which she easily swallowed. We then drifted off to sleep.

This morning, I had another late start due to more server work tonight. I can adjust my hours as needed so I took the time to get some extra shuteye. TW came up to wake me up and found me with my morning hardon. She was only wearing a robe, so stripping down was quite easy. She went down on me for a few seconds before mounting up CG style.

Once again, my baby was so turned on, I easily slipped into her wet pussy. TW rode me to one orgasm after another while I slapped her ass and licked her tits. She had several screaming orgasms before switching to RCG. We haven’t done Reverse Cow Girl in a while, but it did give me the opportunity to work her ass some more. While TW rode me I was slapping her ass with increasing intensity. TW was having a series of very strong orgasms as she rode me and I worked her ass. I was beating time on her ass to the tunes in my head and TW’s pussy was gushing all over my cock. First time in a long time we had the time to work her ass correctly.

TW soon got off my cock and positioned her cunt over my face. She quickly dropped down and we were 69ing. I occasionally slapped her ass but was concentrating on making her pussy cream all over my face and beard. TW was really out of it, she was biting my cock and dragging her teeth across my shaft. It was uncomfortable at first but then I got used to it and it felt pretty damned good. I’ll have to have her do that when she’s just sucking me.

Soon, TW was overcome, she rolled off me and was panting heavily. She wasn’t done though. She quickly moved into Spoon position and I fucked her from behind while twisting and pulling on her nipples. She had several more strong orgasms, screaming them out while burying her head in her pillow. I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her and headed for the shower. I’m assuming we’re gonna fuck ourselves silly tonight as well.

I certainly hope so! 😉

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