Sick As A Dog, What’s Your Story?

Sick as a dog, cat got your tongue?

With apologies to the recently broke up, then back together, then broke up again Aerosmith.

TW and I are having this nightmare where we can’t have sex all that often. First, it was the cough that won’t end, then, her period arrived, now she still has the cough and I’m getting sick. Not the flu though, only a cold, but still, it sucks.

We did get in two very nice sessions this past weekend. One was an empty house, spanking sex fest! It was totally fucking AWESOME! The other one, on Saturday, featured TW riding me CG style and taking it from behind Spoon style as well. It finished with TW having to jump off my dick to swallow my load. Hot, Hot, Hot!

Don’t know how much sex we’ll be able to get in this week. All the kids are back home now, at least for the week. I’ll be taking CB back on Sunday, plus, he’s got oral surgery this week as well. Poor dude. Anyway, we’re hoping to get at least a little somethin’ somethin’ in. Maybe at Thanksgiving dinner! Yeah, it’ll show the SILs just what I’m capable of!

No, bad Mr. M-D, we’re not thinking of them that way anymore, remember?

As if!

Hey, since it’s almost Thanksgiving, and we missed Funny Monday, here’s  some themed toons for the week….

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