Thanks For Nothin’

What a crappy Thanksgiving it’s been so far. TW has pneumonia, I’m recovering from a rapid developed cold, CB had all four of his wisdom teeth pulled (today is the first day his face is almost back to normal), LP is also sick and, it’s back to work on Monday. Oh joy!

2 thoughts on “Thanks For Nothin’

  1. Hang in there MD…

    And I was thinking it was bad, just having a shitty Black Friday retail day….

    Take care of TW, pneumonia is a crappy thing, and we don’t want to see her out of commision for too long. Give my regards to CB, I remember doing that (to many years ago to say). I think I just remember the drugs.

    Enjoy what’s left of the weekend. Just think, you could be working already (being in retail stinks).

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