Recovery, Ain’t It A Bitch…

Well, now that the things I eat are actually staying in my body for longer than 15-30 minutes and not being ejected via projectile vomiting and/or diarrhea, maybe my body can finally fix itself. TW is still down and out as well. Her cough seems to be getting better and we’re hoping to get in some loving by the weekend. It’s hard to orgasm when you’re coughing and almost passing out.

We had the “Perfect Storm” of illnesses over the past week or so. TW’s pneumonia, my cold, LP’s illness (which I got two days after her, right on schedule I might add. It appears another relative is to blame for that one.) have all contributed to one hell of a sick family. The only two so far to not get it? OS and CB, due to the fact they haven’t been home all that much. Plus CB was on antibiotics due to his oral surgery, so that probably killed anything that tried to get to him. Yes, it’s been one hell of a start to the holidays for the M-D’s.

I did get my first MH this morning. (That would be Morning Hardon, by the way.) I don’t remember what the dream was about but it had to be stimulating, no? That’s a good sign. I haven’t had any type of hardon since I got sick.