We’re ALIVE!

TW and I had the most awesome, emotionally draining sex session last night. It left TW sobbing with relief and me with empty balls. Yes, we ARE alive!

As we lay in bed, TW turned to me and asked, “Would you like to eat my pussy?

Well, I’m not turning that down, no matter how sick the two of us have been. She quickly faced me and I dove down between her legs. As soon as my tongue touched her clit, TW came. It’s been a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time since we’ve had fun and we put our renewed health and surprising energy to good use.

TW had several very strong orgasms before we switched to 69. TW wanted to suck my cock and I wanted to continue to suck on her cunt. TW was coming like crazy. She was a woman possessed as I worked her pussy and clit with my tongue. When I stuck a thumb in her juicy cunt, TW just about swallowed my dick. We continued to 69 until TW’s emotions overwhelmed her. She fell off me, crying and sobbing.

She then mounted up CG style and fucked me while the tears fell. It was a very strong emotional release for her. She told me she was worried that she didn’t work anymore. The meds she’s been on have made her tired and dried out so to be able to really let go was a big relief for her. She was also worried that my increase in the dosage of my Zolie was making me want her less. Um, NO! We fucked CG style for a bit before I took her from behind Spoon style.

As I was fucking her spoon style, I was imaging her on her knees, in the woods, with five guys surrounding her, jerking off, ready to soak her body with their come. When I pulled on her pony tail, TW had a massive orgasm. I was getting close to coming myself, so I asked her if she’d like to swallow my load or wear it? She chose to have me come on her so she got on the floor next to the bed while I went to get a towel to clean up.

When I got back I fed her my cock. She was working her pussy with her hands, as I face fucked her mouth. TW was moaning and mewling around my shaft as I fucked her face. I withdrew my cock and began to jerk myself off in front of her face. I closed my eyes and pictured her on her knees, going from cock to cock, sucking and gagging as the guys used her mouth. When I opened my eyes, TW’s mouth was open and I felt myself release. The first spurt hit her in the chin, the next one hit her right in her open mouth. I had a very large load for her and I continued to spurt cum for quite a while.

When I was finished squeezing out the last few drops of cum on her tongue, TW was a mess. She had come all over her breasts and chin. It was slowly leaking down toward her cunt but she was protected with the towel. I took the towel and cleaned her up while sharing a cum filled kiss.We then headed off to get some of the best sleep we’ve had in weeks.

It’s good to be back!

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