Well Blow Me Down!

TW’s period is being tenacious this month, so last night she gave me a wonderfully stimulating, cum inducing blow job. Damn, that girl can suck cock! She worked on my cock for over half an hour, sucking and licking and nibbling my shaft, the head and my balls. She even worked the “taint” over pretty damn well too. Made my toes curl!

We finished up the session with me roughly fucking her mouth and blowing a rather large load of cum down her throat. I had a firm, two fisted, grip of her hair and pumped my hips off the bed toward her hungry mouth. She didn’t gag once and was really into it. Like all good cock suckers, she swallowed every last drop.

Hopefully her period will end soon so I can get down between her sexy thighs and eat me some delicious pussy.

I can’t wait!

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