Monday Morning Lovin’

TW and I had a breakout session this morning. She’s still fighting whatever bug has her coughing all the time (pneumonia) but I think it’s getting better. She finished up her second round of antibiotics and is due to see the doctor in the next couple of weeks. Like I said, I think she’s getting better. She’s still tired and achy, but we did have a wonderfully stimulating session this morning.

We started off Spoon style (which featured some orgasmic inducing hair pulling) and worked our way into a spirited CG session. We finished up with TW orgasming all over my face as I ate her pussy and licked her clit. Her orgasms were quite strong and I left her, on the bed, gasping for air. Hopefully, things are returning to normal in the sex department. There’s definitely no rush, as I’d prefer a healthy TW to play with. Maybe we’ll get some more in tonight.

As we were fucking, TW kept mentioning she can’t wait to be healthy again.  She wants to have an all out, screaming, ass slapping, hair pulling fuck fest. I think we can fit that in somewhere over the holidays. 😉

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Lovin’

  1. You’re so lucky that TW enjoys sex while feeling unwell. Emma goes into sexual hybernation until she’s over it. Thank God she’s seldom sick.

    • Hey, it’s one of the few bright spots in our lives. However, we don’t have sex all that often when either one of us is sick, especially if the illness involves any type of respiratory restriction. We like to kiss and sucking cock and/or eating pussy is difficult if your breathing is restricted.

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