Post Christmas Sex

TW is still suffering from the effects of her battle with pneumonia, but we did get in a couple of nice sessions this weekend. Unfortunately, no Mr. & Mrs. Claus pics this year as the kids we up later than we were. šŸ˜‰ We’ll just have to improvise later to get the pics we want.

We got in a nice Spoon and Oral session last night. TW needed to be relaxed before bed so, with hard cock in hand, she got her’s. As we fucked, I let my mind wander. I thought about having X, Z and TW taking turns being tied up to Z’s four poster bed (seated on the floor) and face fucked. Z has a nice mirrored wall that would be perfect to take photos of my face fucking all of them. It would make for great photos of their cum covered tits and faces as well. Naturally, this brought me close to coming so I asked TW if she’d let me eat her.

I got down between her thighs and licked her to several very strong orgasms. I’m sure my pinching and twisting her nipples had a lot to do with the intensity of her orgasms. We then drifted off to sleep, TW cuddled up next to me. Good start to the week.