Well, our home alone session was as wild as we thought it might be. After returning from dinner, we found ourselves home alone. We immediately headed for the bedroom where TW stripped to reveal some hot, sexy, see-through underwear. NICE!

I started out by massaging my honey before she mounted up CG style.  After having a few orgasms, and after taking a few photos as well, I had TW get on all fours. I easily slid into her cunt from behind and we both got to watch her titties sway to and fro while I fucked her fast and hard from behind. Since her ass was available to me, I started to spank her. Her ass got red and hot pretty fast, as I really worked her ass cheeks. She was crying out as I slapped her ass and as she came. She kept asking me if I saw how sexy her tits looked and I kept replying yes, I can see them fine. Every time she asked me I got closer to coming so I finally had to pull out.

All was not lost though. As TW moaned about missing my cock, I got out her new favorite vibe, the rabbit. I turned it on and set it to twist motion. As soon as it touched TW’s pussy lips, she groaned and came. When I pushed it into her sloppy pussy, TW screamed and came again. I fucked her with the rabbit and then began to tongue fuck her asshole. TW went wild with desire, screaming and moaning as she came. It was nice not having the kids at home, we could make all the noise we wanted.

As I worked her pussy with the vibe and her asshole with my tongue, I got an idea. I reached over, into the headboard, and brought out the flogger. As soon as the first strike hit TW on the ass, she orgasmed again. I beat her ass with that flogger until it was cherry red. She was in a continuous state of orgasm as she rode the vibe and it tickled her clit with it’s bunny ears.

TW could no longer stay on her hands and knees and she fell over on to her side. I immediately dove between her legs and let the bunny ears vibrate my tongue over her clit. TW was screaming in ecstasy as her pussy creamed my face. Her orgasms were powerful and wild. I let the vibe slide out of her slippery pussy and used it on her clit. This really set TW off. The vibe was still set on twist motion and it sent shock waves throughout TW’s body. When I reached up to grab her tit, TW locked her legs around my head and screamed out her orgasms. We then slowed things down and got into Spoon position. I lazily fucked her to a few more orgasms before we got up to wait for the kids to return from the party they were at.

The day wasn’t through though. After the kids headed off to bed, TW and I were in bed, just feeling one another up. Pretty soon my cock was hard and we went at it again Spoon style. As we fucked, I could feel myself getting close to coming. I asked TW if she’d prefer to swallow or wear my cum. She chose to wear it since she’s still fighting the pneumonia and was afraid she’d have a coughing fit if I fucked her face and came down her throat.

I got up to get a towel to clean up with and TW assumed the position we like the best, seated on the floor, back up against the bed, arms outstretched as if she were tied up. I let her suck my cock a bit and then proceeded to jerk a very large and very thick load onto her tits and chin. The first spurt went into her wide open mouth. I held her head steady,by her hair, and, as I came, thought about her and her sister Z, tied up and ready for some spirited face fucking. I dumped my load onto TW as she fingered her cunt.

It was the perfect end to a great day.

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