Monday Morning Orgasms – Her’s & His

Took half a vacation day this morning. I drove CB back to school yesterday and got home after midnight. Not all that conducive to waking up early to get to work. However, it worked out very well. TW and I had two wonderfully orgasmic sessions.

The first session started off in Spoon, then moved into CG and finished up with more Spoon. It was the first time we’ve fucked in a week, due to TW’s period, and it was crazy fun. No kids at home, TW was able to vocalize as much as she wanted. After our morning session was over, we both fell asleep.

When we woke up later on, I started to massage TW. As I was massaging her, my cock got hard. It wasn’t an erotic massage, but I’ve always loved touching TW’s skin. When she reached down and discovered my hard cock, TW mounted up CG style.

While we fucked, I began to lightly spank her ass. TW responded by grinding away on my cock and coming. When I suckled her tits, she arched her back and came loudly. TW then moved into Spoon position and I fucked her from behind to several more loud orgasms.

I then stopped and decided to have some brunch. I quickly got between TW’s thighs and ate her to some very strong orgasms. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my head as I lapped at her clit and pussy. I then mounted up Missionary style and fucked her to a couple more orgasms. I then asked her how she wanted me to come on her. She suggested continuing to fuck Missionary style and then pulling out but I told her, “Let’s not be crazy here!” TW quickly agreed as we’re just a few short months away from being Empty Nesters.

TW got down on the floor, leaning back on her elbows. I squatted down so she could suck my cock a little before I jerked my load on her. I fucked her mouth a bit before I began to jerk off. TW was talking about how she couldn’t wait to receive my load. As she was talking, I came on her. “Oh, what a tricky boy,” she said, as my come spurted into her mouth, over her chin and down upon her breasts. TW was moaning and fingering her clit as I came on her. I actually wound up dumping a double load on her as I had a second orgasm while watching her  come.

What a start to the day!

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Orgasms – Her’s & His

  1. I used to be able to do that. If I was in better shape I’m sure my body would be able to handle it. Luckily, I can take the odd half-day here and there. It DOES have it’s benefits. 😉

  2. We took our son back last week. He didn’t get as long of a Christmas vacation as some the other kids, especially those on quarters; but his summer vacation is much, much longer. I really could have used a day afterwards like the one you had. I always go into work the next day after taking our son back to college even if I only get a few hours of sleep.

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