Ridden Hard And Put To Bed Wet

That phrase best describes TW both last night and this morning. We had two very hot sessions in the past 12 hours. Last night’s was a bit of a surprise as we were both pretty tired heading to bed. However, once TW did a sexy strip tease on the bed, in a short skirt, black thong and bra, well, it was on. I treated TW like the cum crazy slut she is, fucking her hard from behind, yanking her head back by her ponytail, and talking dirty to her. Of course, she was talking dirty right back to me, telling me how much she loves to be fucked by me and how much she loves to cum on my cock. And cum she did. We finished off with me unloading into her mouth as she sucked my cock dry.

I was late again for work this morning. Sex was MUCH more important than arriving on time and, luckily, I have comptime to cover my late arrivals. After getting LP off to school, TW came back to find me still in bed. She quickly joined me and started to fondle my cock. I got hard quickly and TW put my hardon to good use.

TW mounted up and we began to fuck CG style. We really like this position because it allows me to slap her ass, as she’s riding me, and also allows me to play with her tits. She had several, scream out loud, orgasms before we switched over to Spoon style. I fucked TW violently from behind, making her scream and cum. She muffled most of her screams with her pillow but there were several orgasms where she just wailed like a banshee. I’m sure the neighbors could hear us, if not, they’re fucking deaf!

After pounding her pussy hard and slapping that ever loving sexy ass of hers, I withdrew my cock. TW moaned in frustration but quickly found herself on the receiving end of some wonderfully tasty oral. If I thought she screamed loudly before, well, it was nothing compared to what came out of her mouth as I ate her. She called me just about every name in the book. She was wailing and rolling around on the bed while my tongue worked it’s magic on her clit. When I reached up and started to pull on her nipples, TW’s orgasms went into overdrive. We were rolling about the bed as she came on my face. I was dry humping the bed as I tongue fucked her. I decided to fuck her missionary style for a bit.

I positioned myself and easily slid my cock into her wet cunt. TW’s eyes rolled backward until only the whites showed. Her orgasm built slowly but steadily until she was once again orgasming like crazy. Her tits swayed to and fro as I pumped her cunt full of my cock. When I took a nipple into my mouth, TW’s back arched and she had a very strong orgasm. I fucked her some more before heading back down south to get more pussy.

I licked and lapped at her pussy lips and clit as she locked her legs around my head and came. I could still hear her scream out her orgasms although she had her legs wrapped tightly around my head. I felt her cunt gush and she went limp as her orgasms overcame her. I covered her up, making sure to leave those sexy titties out for me to see, and got ready for work.

I wonder what will happen tonight?

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