Emotionally Draining

TW and I had the house to ourselves Sunday afternoon. OS was working and LP had practice so, TW and I put our 2 hour opportunity to good use. And when I mean good, I mean fucking excellent!

As soon as we heard the garage door close, TW and I were headed for the bedroom. Stripping naked, we both hopped into bed. We started out with a nice relaxing massage before TW mounted up CG style. Oh the orgasms my honey did have! In fact, they were so strong that TW was crying by the end of our CG session.

It started off slowly enough, TW gently sliding down on my hard cock. As we fucked, she reached into the headboard and brought out the nylon flogger. I used it on her ass and her tits while she had several orgasms. When I switched to using my hands on her ass, that’s when things got very interesting.

In addition to spanking her, I was rubbing the rest of her body as well: back, shoulders, arms, thighs, ass, breasts, stomach. I don’t quite know what happened, but the intensity of her orgasms and her humping got ratcheted up quickly. When she decided to rub her clit across my shaft, well, that’s when all hell broke loose.

I don’t know if it was the massage, the dirty talk, the angle at which my cock touched her clit, the spanking, or something else, but TW’s orgasms quickly increased in intensity. Her back was arched, her arms thrown out wide and her mouth formed a perfect O (when it wasn’t spewing hot, dirty talk) as she came on my shaft. Her body went rigid and she had two, very strong and very vocal, orgasms. The orgasms lasted a minute to a minute and a half, which doesn’t sound like much, but were very intense. She finally fell forward on to me and sobbed.

After regaining her composure, she rolled off me and onto her side and I took her from behind Spoon style. Her pussy was absolutely soaked and I easily slid into her. We fucked for a bit before calling it a night. All in all, we used about 45 minutes of our two hours for sex, but it was tremendously hot and emotionally draining. Time well spent.