Fucking And Dreaming

TW’s period arrived over the weekend. Luckily, we got in a wild session before it began full force.

Saturday morning, TW woke me up with urgency. She needed to get in one last fuck before her period arrived. She sucked my cock until I was hard and immediately sat down on my dick. She fucked me wildly, not caring if the cabinets shook downstairs in the kitchen. We talked dirty to one another throughout the session and TW came hard and fast.

We then switched to Spoon. TW had brought a towel since I would be able to cum in her pussy. We try to do that as much as possible since she’s not on any birth control and we don’t use condoms. Now, if we were ever able to get a partner in bed, we’d use condoms, but not when it’s just her and I. Anyway, as we fucked Spoon style, I was pulling on TW’s hair and calling her my Special, Dirty, Horny, Slut. Her orgasms were strong and loud. Well, as loud as they could be with her face buried in her pillow. I pumped her faster and faster until I finally unloaded my cum deep in her cunt. We cuddled a bit, then cleaned up and started our days. TW’s period arrived full force not too long afterward. WHEW!

Sunday night, TW and I both had awesome sex dreams. In her’s, I was eating her in the hallway on a table. The table was positioned below the staircase leading upstairs. TW said the hottest part of the dream was when she grabbed the balusters on the stairway, as I licked and tongue fucked her to orgasm. Unfortunately, the dream soon ended after that. In my dream, we were at a party of some sort. I didn’t recognize any of the people at the party. I went to the bathroom (in the dream) and when I came back, TW was M.I.A. I walked around the apartment and finally found her, tied to an old metal TV stand. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy was stretched open. Cum was leaking out of it. She looked up at me with wild desire in her eyes. She said that while I was in the bathroom, all the male guests at the party had fucked her. I didn’t reply to her, I just moved forward and proceeded to fuck her face until I came in her mouth. That’s when the dream ended. Luckily, it wasn’t a wet dream. That usually happens when I orgasm in my dreams. I woke up with a ferocious hardon but quickly feel back asleep.

Oh well, at least the two of us were on the same page. We can hardly wait for her period to end. It should be one hell of a celebration!

When The Cats Are Away, The Mice Will Indeed Play

TW and I got in a very hot session when I got home from work yesterday. OS was working and LP had her last practice of her career with the travel team. TW and I put the alone time to very good use.

After stripping down and getting into bed, we kissed passionately. I love kissing TW and she loves to kiss me as well. My cock quickly responded to our make out session and TW assumed the Spoon position. As we fucked, we talked about how hot she gets when I pull her hair. Needless to say, TW came a lot when I began to pull on her ponytail.

We then switched up to CG and, along with many orgasms, TW received a nice spanking as well. I played with her sexy titties as well, suckling on her nipples and lightly biting them. This drove TW wild and her pussy gushed all over my cock. Her orgasms were quite loud. In fact, when I held her arms out wide, TW wailed and screamed out as she came. My little honey likes to be controlled!

TW soon fell off me and I quickly got down between her legs. I ate her to many thrashing orgasms before we switched to 69. We started off side by side but eventually got into my favorite 69 position with TW on top. I like this 69 position the best because I can spank her ass while she deep throats me. Her orgasms were quite violent and by the end of our 69 session, TW was crying tears of joy.

We finished up Spoon style as I really fucked TW hard and fast. We were both out of breath by the time we finished, but it was a great tension reliever.

Sacrifices I’m Making For Lent

Here’s a list of the things I’m giving up for Lent (Yeah, I know, I don’t believe. Still, it’s good to clean out the old closet, if you get my drift.)

1. Religion.

2. Jesus/Jehovah/God/Buddha/Vishnu/Crom/Zeus/Et al.

3. Facebook.

4. Life.

5. Getting the SILs topless/naked/in bed.

6. Swinging.

7. Getting Healthy.

8. Positive Thinking.

9. Ever Having Friends.

10. Posting regularly on any of my blogs.

11. Getting TW gangbanged.

12. Having sex with someone other than TW.

13. Having fun.

14. Living my life to it’s fullest potential.

15. Thinking of others before myself.

OctoMom = Angelia Jolie = OctoMom

When TW sent me  THIS story, it confirmed my suspicions.

When I first heard she went there, I turned to TW and said, “She’s checking out future adoptees. Evidently, she needs/wants more kids.”

What? She’s trying to be OctoMom II? If I were Brad, I’d have her psychologically examined. Also, I think I’d hide the check book if I were him. I thought for sure Madonna would be there too.

HEY! I have a great idea, Madonna and Angie mud wrestling on PPV for Haiti relief. Winner gets to adopt the  kids of their choice. It’ll make millions!

Afternoon Delight

TW and I had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours yesterday. You can be damn sure we put it to good use.

LP had a team meeting to attend so TW and I headed up to bed as soon as she left. We’ve found that taking the opportunity, whenever it arises, has jump started our sex life. So, whenever we have the house alone, we try to get in some quality fuck time. Yesterday was some high quality fuck time.

It started off with some great CG. TW had several scream out loud, neighbors be damned, orgasms as she fucked my cock and I spanked her ass. Spanking her really sets her off and I try to do it as often as possible these days. Of course, sucking on her titties also sets her off and I do that as often as possible as well, even if we’re not fucking.There’s nothing that makes me harder than suckling on her tits, feeling her nipples harden against my tongue, and hearing her moan in satisfaction.

After numerous orgasms, including one in which TW almost threw her back out, we switched over to Spoon. You can be damn sure there was hair pulling as I fucked my honey from behind. When I got too close to coming, I got down between her legs and ate her out. We then threw in some Missionary as well, TW’s legs thrown over my shoulder so I could pump her full of my cock. I could feel my cock head hitting her cervix as she wailed and thrashed about the bed in orgasmic bliss. Once again, when I got too close, I’d dive down between her thighs and lick her to an orgasm or two. We don’t do Missionary too often since it gets me off pretty quickly. Just watching TW’s face as she comes gets me close to cumming. When I focus on her tits wobbling about, well, that almost gets me too. When I drop down to suckle a breast, and TW moans in pleasure, well, that gets me close as well.

We finished up the session with me blowing a double load of come all over my honey’s sexy breasts. We must remember to keep a camera handy because it looked like one of the cum shot pics we posted on Friday, and, it was all from me! Sweet Baby Jeebus, was she ever covered in come. It was thick and creamy and took time to slowly drip down her tits. It would have been an awesome picture.