Spartacus? We’ll Just Have To Wait And See…

So, TW and I got caught up on Spartacus, the new Starz series. I have mixed feeling about it. The slow motion scenes are waaaaaaaaay over done. I don’t mind the blood since I like death and destruction. Other than a few breasts that are obviously silicone, the women look normal. They didn’t have breast implants back then did they?

And here’s the surprising part, there’s too much sex. Yeah, never thought you’d hear that from me did you? Not that I mind the sex scenes, it just seems for every dramatic scene, there’s a sex scene attached to it. That, I feel, is unrealistic. I know, I know, it’s only my perception but I heard such good things about this series, that I’m quite a bit underwhelmed.

I’m giving it another week or two since the second episode was better than the first. Hopefully, things will get better. Since I’m a Sword & Sorcery and Ancient  History fan, I tend to like this type of series, but, I’m picking up a lot of clichés and that disturbs me quite a bit.

Oh, TW’s take on it, she doesn’t like it, although I did point out that at least they’re showing the guy’s cocks in this one. Normally, they’re pretty well covered up. The guys are well built and, even from my perspective, are quite pleasing to look at. Of course, give them another 20 years and they’ll wind up looking like me, but it’s definitely great eye candy.

Anyway, check it out. I think it’s on Friday nights. I have it set to TIVO since that’s the only way we watch TV these days. Plus, I’m getting tired of TV lately.

Mr M-D

2 thoughts on “Spartacus? We’ll Just Have To Wait And See…

  1. Not every story has to be boy meets girl… Unfortunately most end up being that way. I don’t like to mix dramatics scenes and sex either. Perhaps the next few episodes will be better. If not, there is always the erase feature.

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