Glorious, Hot, Morning Monkey Sex.

TW and I had a fucking awesome session this morning. Of course, I was late to work because of it, but hell, that’s what comptime is for!

We started off CG style with TW having some strong, scream out loud, orgasms. TW rode me long and hard, fighting off the affects of some nighttime leg cramping. It was kind of funny to see and hear her start to come and then moan in pain. Luckily, none of the CG cramping stopped TW from riding me to orgasm.

When TW rolled off, she asked if I was good for the morning. I turned in her direction and proceeded to fuck her Spoon style to several more thrashing orgasms. I got some nice ponytail pulling in as well, which sent TW off into orgasmic heaven. She really comes hard when I’m rough with her. She’s my  sexy little submissive.

TW then decided to serve me breakfast in bed and quickly pushed her pussy toward my face. I dove right in and licked my slutty honey to even stronger orgasms. Twisting her nipples and nibbling on her clit, I worked my honey into a sexual frenzy. She had her legs wrapped around my head, and, even though my ears were covered by her thighs, I could hear her screams of pleasure. I continued to orally pleasure her, despite her protests that she was making me late for work. Like I gave a damn. Once I latch on to that tasty cunt of hers, all bets are off.

After a few more orgasms, it was time to go. I started the shower, but heard TW moaning on the bed. I came back out to make sure she was okay and found my sexy little minx masturbating on the bed. I came over to her and she went to turn onto her side. I told her to lie face down on the bed and continue her fun. As she fingered herself, I spanked her ass. I alternated between hard and quick strokes while TW furiously frigged her clit. She screamed into the covers as she came on her fingers. I really let her have it with the spanking. When I was done, her ass was cherry red and hot to the touch. I bent down to kiss it and, figuring while I was there, began to tongue fuck her asshole. This drove TW even farther over the edge and her body bent backward as she came. I left her on the bed, her fingers still lazily playing with her clit, and took my shower.

When I got out, TW was on the phone with a friend of her’s (another one of my FCs, although I wouldn’t mind her husband doing TW as well.) She told me later that she thinks she passed out after I went to take my shower. YES! I still have it!