Afternoon Delight

TW and I had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours yesterday. You can be damn sure we put it to good use.

LP had a team meeting to attend so TW and I headed up to bed as soon as she left. We’ve found that taking the opportunity, whenever it arises, has jump started our sex life. So, whenever we have the house alone, we try to get in some quality fuck time. Yesterday was some high quality fuck time.

It started off with some great CG. TW had several scream out loud, neighbors be damned, orgasms as she fucked my cock and I spanked her ass. Spanking her really sets her off and I try to do it as often as possible these days. Of course, sucking on her titties also sets her off and I do that as often as possible as well, even if we’re not fucking.There’s nothing that makes me harder than suckling on her tits, feeling her nipples harden against my tongue, and hearing her moan in satisfaction.

After numerous orgasms, including one in which TW almost threw her back out, we switched over to Spoon. You can be damn sure there was hair pulling as I fucked my honey from behind. When I got too close to coming, I got down between her legs and ate her out. We then threw in some Missionary as well, TW’s legs thrown over my shoulder so I could pump her full of my cock. I could feel my cock head hitting her cervix as she wailed and thrashed about the bed in orgasmic bliss. Once again, when I got too close, I’d dive down between her thighs and lick her to an orgasm or two. We don’t do Missionary too often since it gets me off pretty quickly. Just watching TW’s face as she comes gets me close to cumming. When I focus on her tits wobbling about, well, that almost gets me too. When I drop down to suckle a breast, and TW moans in pleasure, well, that gets me close as well.

We finished up the session with me blowing a double load of come all over my honey’s sexy breasts. We must remember to keep a camera handy because it looked like one of the cum shot pics we posted on Friday, and, it was all from me! Sweet Baby Jeebus, was she ever covered in come. It was thick and creamy and took time to slowly drip down her tits. It would have been an awesome picture.

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  1. We usually have a camera handy since we don’t use our “main” camera to take most of our NSFW photos. We use an older, larger digital camera that’s not quite as easy to carry to the kids’ games, meets, etc.; but is great around the house. We usually keep it upstairs except when we bring it into the study to download pictures.

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