When The Cats Are Away, The Mice Will Indeed Play

TW and I got in a very hot session when I got home from work yesterday. OS was working and LP had her last practice of her career with the travel team. TW and I put the alone time to very good use.

After stripping down and getting into bed, we kissed passionately. I love kissing TW and she loves to kiss me as well. My cock quickly responded to our make out session and TW assumed the Spoon position. As we fucked, we talked about how hot she gets when I pull her hair. Needless to say, TW came a lot when I began to pull on her ponytail.

We then switched up to CG and, along with many orgasms, TW received a nice spanking as well. I played with her sexy titties as well, suckling on her nipples and lightly biting them. This drove TW wild and her pussy gushed all over my cock. Her orgasms were quite loud. In fact, when I held her arms out wide, TW wailed and screamed out as she came. My little honey likes to be controlled!

TW soon fell off me and I quickly got down between her legs. I ate her to many thrashing orgasms before we switched to 69. We started off side by side but eventually got into my favorite 69 position with TW on top. I like this 69 position the best because I can spank her ass while she deep throats me. Her orgasms were quite violent and by the end of our 69 session, TW was crying tears of joy.

We finished up Spoon style as I really fucked TW hard and fast. We were both out of breath by the time we finished, but it was a great tension reliever.

3 thoughts on “When The Cats Are Away, The Mice Will Indeed Play

  1. Love, love, love the way you describe your wife and how you drive her crazy. I’m a woman, 48, married. I know my hubby is happy in bed (I am too!) but he’s not one to talk about it. I can only dream that he would describe our sessions in a blog! All the best to you and your wife!

  2. Did you plan for your evening to go like that or was it just serendipitous? The way things have been going recently, I would have been stuck at work. It’s a good thing that we stay up late. 🙂

    • TW knew it was coming up. I had forgot about it but, luckily, my servers decided to co-operate and behave while rebooting. Also, I was fortunate enough to get the systems right away instead of having to wait for users to finish up for the day.

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