A Walk In The Woods Leads To A Gangbang

TW and I put our home alone time to pretty good use. We took a walk in the woods where TW wound up getting gangbanged; and, we didn’t even have to leave the house!

I had told TW to get dressed up as if we were going for a walk in the woods. It’s still a tad bit too cold to actually do it, so I figured I’d give her the “theatre of the mind” version. When I got home, TW was dressed in a mid thigh length white skirt (no panties) and a floral halter top. She also had heels on but I told her to take them off since she wouldn’t be needing them on our walk.

After removing her heels, TW came up to me and we kissed passionately. As we kissed, I grabbed her ass and copped a feel of her titties every now and then. TW softly moaned into my mouth that she was already wet and couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

I told her to stand still and not say a word. I then went over to the headboard and started to pull out my supplies for the evening: a blindfold, a paddle, a flogger and the handcuffs. TW just smiled as I put her blindfold on. She was squeezing her legs together as well, as I led her toward the bed. I had her pull down her halter top, kneel on the bed, bend forward and then I cuffed her hands behind her back.

TW was moaning with desire as she got into position, face down on the bed. I started to play with her skirt, lifting in higher and higher until just the bottom of her ass cheeks were visible. When I started to paddle her, TW really began to moan. I didn’t paddle her too long with the paddle, choosing instead to switch to the flogger.

I really worked my honey’s ass and back with the flogger. She was moaning quite loudly and I believe was close to orgasming just from my flogger work. Of course, the flogger was hitting her clit every now and then, so it probably had more to do with that. TW was twisting around and I managed to get a few hit on her breasts as well. TW was out of breath and panting heavily as I flogged her and called her my slut, my whore, my bitch.

I then told her I had a surprise for her. I had gone on the internet and found some guys who were willing to fuck her silly out here in the woods. TW moaned as I wove a tale of debauchery.

I told her that I was able to get four guys to meet us out here after I had her cuffed. Surprisingly, the four guys I was able to get were all fellow bloggers. MCB, Alfro, Alfie and Fat Controller were well represented by our collection of play toys. Of course, that was TW’s idea. I love the way the woman thinks. So, TW was well fucked by our fellow blogging friends as I liberally used the four dildos on her pussy. Her orgasms were wildly strong. She was twisting and turning as much as she could while being cuffed. Her screams were pretty much muted by the mattress, but you could still tell she was having the time of her life.

To enhance the experience, I’d sometimes take one of the dildos directly from her pussy and put it into her mouth. Then, I’d take another dildo and work her pussy over. It was like she was getting double fucked. This really set her off but I still had other plans for her.

I eventually uncuffed her and settled between her thighs to lick and tongue fuck her overflowing pussy. TW was absolutely soaked. I licked and lapped like a man possessed and TW had some very strong orgasms. At one point, she was slapping the top of my head as I ate her. I LOVE it when she does that!

Since we had plenty of time, I decided to let her rest a bit and then we’d go have dinner. While I was busy cleaning off the toys, TW was busy getting herself off. As I cleaned the toys, I watched as TW fingered her clit to one orgasm after another. She was moaning and thrashing about the bed as her fingers got her off again and again. I told her she was a dirty, horny little slut and that just fueled her orgasms more. She was finally able to stop touching herself and we cuddled for a bit before heading off to dinner.

After having dinner and relaxing for a while, we headed back to the bedroom to finish off our home alone time. This time, TW was to get her cum bath. I had her dress in a bikini top and a pair of shorts. She actually found the bottoms for the bikini and wore that instead of the shorts. I didn’t mind at all. 🙂

We put a beach towel down on the floor, for the full effect, and TW got busy sucking my dick. She put her hair in a pony tail so I could control how much or how little she got to suck. It was quite arousing but I still couldn’t cum. TW then suggested I take her from behind. Well, for some reason, we had difficulty adjusting and I got soft. TW then suggested Missionary style and we moved into position. I took the opportunity to eat her again, as this always gives me a hardon. Look! It’s magic! I got hard fairly quickly but jerked myself a bit to get me at my hardest before I sank my dick into TW’s hot, wet, tight pussy.

We fucked for a bit before we got back down to business on the floor. Once again, TW quickly sucked my dick into her mouth. I let her suck for a bit before pulling out. TW actually had an orgasm from just sucking me! It was incredible! Maybe she has an extra clit in the back of her throat (like in the classic movie, Deep Throat)

After regaining her composure, TW got back to business. I used her saliva to give me some lubrication and began to beat my meat faster and faster. I had TW hold her titties, still encased in the bikini top, so we didn’t have the same old cum shot pics.

Finally, the time arrived and TW got a very nice coating of cum. It was thick and hot and TW shuddered in excitement as my cum covered her fingers and tits. She moaned with pleasure as it leaked down into her cleavage. I took some nice pics of her cum covered titties and bikini top.

It was a great way to end the day!

Honestly Officer, We Heard Someone Scream

I don’t want to jinx us, but TW and I are going to have the house to ourselves for approximately 5-6 hours tonight. I have some things planned for her, but don’t want to let them slip just yet. She may be reading this to try and find out what or who I have planned for tonight. I’m betting she’s gonna enjoy it, that’s for sure!

No Cum Shot, But, She Did Swallow

TW and I had an awesome session last night. She had been at a friend’s house and arrived home late. I was up waiting for her and when she got to bed, she quickly stripped down and I got to have a late night pussy snack.

As I ate her juicy cunt, TW moved down and took my cock into her mouth. We morphed into 69, where TW got a nice, hard spanking. She tried to cover her ass at one point, but I held her hand out of the way and spanked her even harder. TW went ballistic! She began to deep throat me and used her teeth a lot. It was quite exciting, especially when I had her hand pinned behind her back. She was grinding her pussy down on my face as she came and I was lapping up all the juices she provided.

We then moved to CG and TW had several more strong orgasms before I reached the point of no return. I told her it was time to get down and suck me. She quickly went down on me and I filled her to overflowing with my cum. She gagged a bit but then deep throated me several times as I blasted away a double load. It was almost a triple shot. She swallowed it all.

Needless to say, we both slept pretty well last night.

No Cum Shot But Lots Of Sex

So, no pics and no cum shot but some nice hot sex this morning. TW didn’t know I was planning a photo shoot so she let me sleep in. When she came to wake me up, she did a wonderful job by sucking my cock to a nice throbbing erection. She then mounted up CG style and rode me to several loud, strong orgasms. We then switched over to Spoon style where TW came some more. We finished up the session with me eating my baby to lots of nice, creamy, screamy orgasms. She finally had to push me away as I was really giving her a good tongue lashing. Maybe we’ll get the cum shot pics tonight. 🙂

Daydream Believer

So I’m sitting here at work, daydreaming about fucking and coming all over EB from the other department. I don’t know what it is but she’s got me all hot and bothered today. She’s not dressed hot to trot, in fact her outfit would fit more in the 50’s era than today. Still, I really, Really, REALLY want her in the worst (or is that the BEST?) way.

She’s wearing a just past the top of her knee length skirt that’s tight around her butt and a matching top that’s snuggling up her sweater puppies quite nicely. I caught her, out of the corner of my eye, bending over the conference room table this morning and my dick twitched. She’s not wearing stockings today which means she’s naked all the way up to her panties. I like a woman confident enough to dress like that. I just want to dive underneath that skirt and make her come with my tongue.  Oh well, at least my fantasy me is getting it on with other ladies beside TW.

Speaking of TW, tomorrow morning she’s gonna get another nice, ass reddening spanking. OS will be at work and LP will be at practice so we have the house to ourselves. I think she might be spanked, paddled and possibly flogged. Hell, she might get all three if I can last that long without filling her mouth with my come. I think we’ll try to get some pics of her covered in my come too. Again, with clothes on. We just have to decide on an outfit or maybe just a top.

Have a great weekend everyone!