Three For Three

TW and I have had three AWESOME morning sex sessions in a row. Saturday, Sunday and this morning we fucked ourselves silly. It was animalistic, hot, rough sex. I pounded TW’s pussy hard and fast, pinched and pulled on her nipples, bit them, had her bite my cock and scrape it with her teeth, pulled her hair and made her come, hard. We did CG, Spoon, 69, Oral, she swallowed my come, I spanked her ass and pulled on her titties. This morning, she held onto the headboard and made that fucker shake like crazy as she came on my dick.

EDIT: I forgot to mention how it ended. TW was lieing on her back, panting for air. I took the opportunity to suckle on her tits. As I was doing this, I let my fingers do the walking all over her soaked pussy and clit. Whenever I do this, it always brings back the most pleasant memories for both of us: saying goodnight at her back door when we were first dating. I’d almost always say goodnight by suckling on her tits and fingering her wet cunt. We lived in the city when we first started dating so we were more or less out in the open. Someone could easily have spied us either from the alley behind her house, or by glancing down the gangway from the front. I think this really set TW off early in our relationship. She’s such an exhibitionist. 😉 Me? I get hard just thinking about it.


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