Saturday Morning Fun

TW and I had an excellent session this morning. We had the house to ourselves as OS was working and LP had practice.

We started off CG style with TW enjoying several strong orgasms. TW began weaving several scenarios in which she was the focus of some heavy face fucking by several different guys. We went from the bedroom to a forest glade, to a picnic table to the boardroom. TW told me how she sucked them all and swallowed all their come.

We continued fucking CG style as TW weaved her tales, then moved to Spoon style. I was able to let TW continue to fantasize as I fucked her hard and fast from behind. When I grabbed her hair, TW exploded in orgasm. She wailed into her pillow as I pummeled her pussy. I was quickly reaching the point of no return and had to slow down a bit.

A few minutes later, I was holding my honey’s head down over my cock as I emptied my balls down her throat. I pumped my hips off the bed, driving my dick down TW’s throat. She swallowed it all, like the wonderful, talented cum slut she is. She was actually moaning as she sucked me off. Of course, that could be because I was spanking her ass at the time as well.

After draining me dry, TW and I fell asleep. The phone woke us up and TW took the phone with her as she left the bedroom. While I slept on, I had the most wonderfully, erotic dream. In the dream, TW and I were fucking ourselves silly. As she moved over to smother me with her cunt, I felt a pair of lips and a tongue on my dick.

When TW moved off me, I saw her best friend (another fuck crush of mine) busily working my dick. We moved about the bedroom, TW and I fucking one another while her friend kissed and fondled us. We then somehow got into the bathroom. The dream ended just as I was kneeling in front of TW’s friend and was about to put my lips on her pussy. DAMN! I was so close!

Too bad it was only a dream.

EDIT: Holy Crap! I just saw THIS JLH is back on the market! This is my official invite for her to join TW and I in bed. Come on, we’ll have some fun and some GREAT no strings attached sex! Pretty please with sugar on top. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Fun

  1. What a nice Saturday morning. How will you follow up that session when Sunday is Steak & Blow Job day? Did you just celebrate early or will you just have a well sucked cock this weekend?

    ps: Every 3/14 is Steak and BJ Day. on month after Valentines Day, just as a field leveling holiday.

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