Ides Of March – 30th Anniversary

Beware the Ides of March, you might get fucked, literally.

Today is the 30th anniversary of TW first riding the baloney pony. Okay, she didn’t do all that much riding, it was almost exclusively Missionary that first time out. I was gentle and caring and made damn sure she was ready. We’d already been dating almost a year and had been working our way up to it for a while. It was smooth, it was erotic and it was hot as hell. There’s nothing like that first, official fuck. TW was so hot and wet I had to be very careful not to cum too soon. Hell, I almost came right away anyway, she was so hot and slippery. It was a great start to a lifetime of fucking and sucking and coming.

We kind of celebrated yesterday. I had a server crash on Friday and was in to try to repair it. Luckily, TW decided to come with me. Oh the fun we did have! I got to eat her cunt and fuck her from behind in my office. She sucked my cock and flashed me her titties whenever she could. It was a very playful day, all 8 hours of it. We finished off the weekend of fucking by having a nice CG and Spoon session last night. It ended with me blowing a double cum shot down my honey’s throat. HOLY FUCK, what a hot session. We both slept rather well last night. Hopefully, we’ll get to re-enact our Ides of March from 30  years ago. 🙂

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